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VALGIRNE Epsilon Putter

I’m not one to immediately equate France with the game of golf. Scotland, England, even neighboring Spain, sure. But France? I cast doubt until becoming acquainted with the name Valgrine, purveyor of fine French-made putters. And, of course, if the French are going to do golf, they are going to do it their own fashionably exquisite way, with a factory that become famous in the 18th century serving Louis XV as official weapon supplier to the French troops. Now, from that royal legacy, comes the recent arrival of a new kind of weapon, the Epsilon putter.

The marriage of putter and high end jewelry craft has resulted in the birth of the Epsilon, a putter with real aerodynamics sculptures recognized for their exceptional finishing and French elegance. Made from the finest materials. Valgrine’s putters can be completely personalized or custom-made to create a truly unique piece.

Now you can own one for yourself…better suited for the green than storming the Bastille.

Find yours here.

Mrs. de Florian’s Paris Apartment

Call it a time capsule. Call it a treasure trove. No matter how you perceive it, the discovery of a Parisienne apartment frozen in time is nothing short of magical.


Mrs. de Florian, the owner of this Pigalle flat, fled Paris for the south of France just prior to World War II … and never returned. Following her death some 70 years later, her heirs unlocked an incredible time capsule, rooms untouched since Mrs. de Florian’s hasty departure.

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Among the cobwebs and decades of dust, this painting was found along with love letters tied with colorful ribbons.


The woman in the painting is Mrs. de Florian’s grandmother, Marthe de Florian, a beautiful French actress and socialite of the Belle Époque. The artist? Her lover and important French painter Giovanni Boldini. Though married, the artist took the actress as both mistress and muse, leaving behind this exquisite portrait as testament to their passion. The story created a frenzy in the art world, and the painting sold at auction for a remarkable $3 million. Perhaps love does come at a price.

Thanks to deMonica for sharing the story!

Bonnie and Clyde (1968)

Did you see Mad Men this week? Then you likely watched Joan get frisky to Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot’s 1968 hit, “Bonnie and Clyde.” Sung in French, the tune is based on an English language poem written by Bonnie Parker herself a few weeks before she and Clyde Barrow were shot, entitled “The Trail’s End.” It was released on two albums in 1968: Gainsbourg’s album Initials B.B., and Gainsbourg and Bardot’s album Bonnie and Clyde.

The video is pure late 60′s magic. Enjoy.

Vous avez lu l’histoire
De Jesse James
Comment il vécut
Comment il est mort
Ca vous a plus hein
Vous en d’mandez encore
Et bien Ecoutez l’histoire
De Bonnie and Clyde

Alors voilà
Clyde a une petite amie
Elle est belle et son prénom
C’est Bonnie
A eux deux ils forment Le gang Barrow
Leurs noms Bonnie Parker et Clyde Barrow

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

Moi lorsque j’ai connu Clyde
C’était un gars loyal
Honnête et droit
Il faut croire
Que c’est la société
Qui m’a définitivement abîmé

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

Qu’est c’ qu’on a pas écrit
Sur elle et moi
On prétend que nous tuons
De sang froid
C’est pas drôl’
Mais on est bien obligé
De fair’ tair’
Celui qui s’met à gueuler

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

Chaqu’fois qu’un polic’man
Se fait buter
Qu’un garage ou qu’un’ banque
Se fait braquer
Pour la polic’
Ca ne fait pas d’myster
C’est signé Clyde Barrow
Bonnie Parker

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

Maint’nant chaq’fois
Qu’on essaie d’se ranger
De s’installer tranquill’s
Dans un meublé
Dans les trois jours
Voilà le tac tac tac
Des mitraillett’s
Qui revienn’t à l’attaqu’

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

Un de ces quatr’
Nous tomberons ensemble
Moi j’m’en fous
C’est pour Bonnie que je tremble
Qu’elle importanc’
Qu’ils me fassent la peau
Moi Bonnie
Je tremble pour Clyde Barrow

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde

D’tout’ façon
Ils n’pouvaient plus s’en sortir
La seule solution
C’était mourir
Mais plus d’un les a suivis
En enfer
Quand sont morts
Barrow et Bonnie Parker

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde…

How to Say “Merci” with Macarons

Our friends at Bottega Louie in Downtown Los Angeles reminded us via this colorful image that Wednesday is Administrative Professionals’ Day. Having personally juggled phones, hustled lunch reservations and changed toner cartridges for many many years (magenta’s a bitch to get out of cotton), we think these cheerful maracons would look just terrific on your assistant’s desk come the 24th. Have you tried the gold flecked Earl Grey? Gorgeous and tasty in cyan. Yes, cyan! (Your assistant will get it)

We’re sharing the love and suggesting you order a batch from Bottega Louie and spread some joy around the office.

Order today for Wednesday arrival. 213-802-1487 or

Paris Lives in Your Closet: Lingerie!

“As in kisses, toast and lingerie, French is always better.” I’m not sure who said that first, but they’re right!


Why not have fun before you get dressed tomorrow morning and put on your most expensive underwear. Then go about your day, no matter how exciting or mundane, knowing that you alone are privy to a little secret.

Ladies, wear a matching set like this one from the famed Parisian line Chantelle:


Or a gorgeous bodysuit like this one from Princesse Tam Tam:c42279ac889c000cd1f60f7d7253aa1a

Monsieurs, could consider something from Les Insurges’s new line:


Or a French classic:

4103sRmpw9L._SX342_Whether you share it with someone special or not, just recognizing the effect wearing your best “unmentionables” has on your psyche will certainly give your day a needed (French) boost!

The American author, who lives in Paris, on French masculine and feminine articles…

“What’s the trick to remembering that a sandwich is masculine? What qualities does it share with anyone in possession of a penis? I’ll tell myself that a sandwich is masculine because if left alone for a week or two, it will eventually grow a beard.” ― David SedarisMe Talk Pretty One Day

Keith Haring at The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, in association with Le CENTQUATRE, is devoting a wide-ranging retrospective to American artist Keith Haring (1958-1990).


The exhibition will bear witness to the importance of Haring’s work, in particular its profoundly “political” content, apparent in his work throughout his career.

Almost 250 pictures on canvas and tarpaulins and from subway walls – as well as twenty monumental works – will be exhibited at Le CENTQUATRE, making this one of the largest presentations of Keith Haring’s works ever.


The exhibit opens April 19th and will run through August 18th. For more, click here.

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